Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peanuts on the floor, Candles, A love movie, Basketball game, Licorice, Car rides, and a Testimony.

This weekend was so much fun! On Friday our volleyball team met to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse and we all went and saw "Dear John" after wards. Because Liz's birthday is coming up soon we decided to celebrate it at dinner also! As far as the movie goes, we were SO excited to see it because the trailer for it looks UNREAL. However, I ended up not loving the ending so much, and it didn't live up to what we all thought it was going to be. But don't get me wrong, staring at Channing Tatum for a couple hours is always doable no matter what the situation haha. Then on Saturday Whitney and I had a wonderful breakfast in the morning and then we left for Dinner and a Jazz Game with Mom, Tyler & Jackie, Cole, and Tegan. It was fun to spend some time with the family and able to see the Jazz dominate in the process. Then Whitney and I came back to Logan for some more fun at our Mardi Gras after party! I got to see alot of people I havent seen in a while including Hattie, Jesse, Billy, and some volleyball girls.
Today was fast Sunday and church was so good! Everyone that got up in sacrament and bore their testimony touched me in some way. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such good people up here in Logan and I know the Lord is truly blessing me for every right choice that I have made lately. He is there for each and everyone of us and all we have to do is hold on to him a little bit longer and endure to the end so that we may live with him again. I am so grateful that I have the gospel to direct me in my life, and am blessed to be apart of it. =) I love my life!

She rode that bull!! And everyone in Texas Roadhouse gave her a yeeeehawww haha

Liz making her 20th birthday wish!

Love these girlys.

The other half of our group =)

Chels and I (and Shay in the background, haha) at the movie theater waiting to watch Dear John!

Whit and I on our journey to Salt Lake to meet up with the fam! I Love Taking car trips with her! We sing our hearts out to every song hahaha

My Beautiful Momma and Precious Baby Cole

Mom, Cole and Tegan =)

Go Jazz!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Today Im starting a challenge to become healthier, to cut out all treats, processed carbs, and even some dairy. Its made up of mainly proteins, especially chicken, fish, eggs, and then nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, vegetables, etc. Mainly im not eating bread, drinking milk, or having treats. This is all inspired from my strength and conditioning coach, so i'm not just pulling it out of the air. It should help my performance and keep my body as strong as possible. Because I am constantly going 24/7 now each day (yoga in the morning, weights and conditioning, then practice, with classes all day and night classes twice a week) my body was really starting to break down. So this should really help my energy level and help me make it through each day the best I can, especially since if I got sick right now, it would NOT be good for my schoolwork, volleyball, or meetings. I am taking a calcium supplement and my one cheat day is Saturday, and I am allowed ONE treat of my choice. A slice of pizza, a couple Golden Oreo's, and by couple I mean 5 MAX! haha, if anyone knows me at all they know Golden Oreo's are my weakness above all. So we will see how this goes. So far so good haha.

If anything I hope this pays off so that when I move to DC/New York this summer I'll have my summer bod ready to hit the pool with Jenn! =) I CANT WAIT to move out there with them this summer. Its my #1 think I'm looking most forward to as of right now. Yee!!